Massage Whip Cream

Massage Whip

Ultra-Rich Massage Crème'
Experience the effortless glide and warmth as Massage Whip melts into the skin.

This perfect medley of Botanical Extracts and Humectants hydrate and nourish the skin.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: January 25, 2018

We have just expanded our line of custom blending oils! You can now buy SCENT FREE Massage 

Whip in your perfect size and offer clients a variety of seasonal scents.

Champagne & Roses along with Chocolate Truffle are perfect for Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Romantic Packages.


SCENTED Massage Whip
Availability:  30 Lb. Pail

SCENT FREE Massage Whip

Availability:   8oz.   /  One Gallon /  One Gallon TWINPAK  /   30 Lb. Pail w/pump.